And the Gold Medal goes to….

Over my journey in NMIMS, as I chanced upon the pictures of the most coveted event in pharma; ‘The pharma awards’, I was starry-eyed and dreamt of being awarded with a medal. As I held my Gold medal on the 9th March; I realised that dreams do come true if you power them with hard work and determination!

That afternoon when I was scrolling through my mail, I received a notification from the Chairperson of NMIMS. The subject of the white and red envelope said – Congratulations! I all of a sudden opened my mail and it transformed my typical day into an extraordinary one. I was one of the Awardees for the ’11th Industry Awards’ ceremony planned for the afternoon of 9th March 2019.

The following mail that I received, was from the Cultural Head of the college and he approached me for my Success Mantra along with a gratitude statement. I thought for a while to deliver my response in order to put across all my hard work and dedication into two simple sentences. This award is the dream come true and obviously a motivating spirit for all my future activities. I have been persistent and chased my dream overcoming all the hurdles that came my way. By getting such physical rewards one move with more dedication and focused intentions to get the dreams into reality and prosperity in all the endeavors. In that space provided, I typed my inner voice that said ‘Dedication and Creativity backed up by sheer passion’ ….

The next statement that the form demanded from me was the Gratitude Statement. To sum up my gratitude statement. So I took this as an opportunity and thanked everyone who is a part of my journey and will stand by me always.

The faculty members have not only educated me, but also taught the lesson of life and prepared me for the world outside. Many major lessons of life beyond the defined syllabus and scripted books are taught by them only. My seniors have also played a vital role in my development by being my guide and showing me the right direction and path to walk on.

On the day of the ceremony, the most amazing thing of my life was to see my parents in the hall and that itself stood as my strength. I have been awarded the best outgoing student twice, GPAT 2018 qualified and certified in my college competitions that include singing, dancing, elocution, drawing, skits, model making and presentations too. Moreover, this day was special because this was the first time I was awarded in their presence. Their eyes showed they were proud of me and honestly, that was my AWARD! I thanked them for their trust and confidence in me that has brought me here. God has always been the one that enables me to progress, and what I feel is that the entire surrounding of mine from my parents to friends to colleagues to teammates, everybody is blessed through God. I witnessed my efforts backed by their blessings & support, transforming into an excellent thing.

As I have always gravitated towards overall personality development, this is another mile achieved. By having this award on my shelf, I am surely motivated to do my best as I consider this as a token of my past efforts and also a push factor for my future endeavors.

Thank you to each and everyone for your graceful presence during the entire tenure for my success. I look forward for your support in my journey ahead. 


Neuromarketing in Indian Pharma Industry- Pros and Cons

Neuromarketing is a market research using processes such as neuroimaging and eye tracking in order to analyze the way in which a consumer’s brain responds to particular brands, Visual aids, Websites, advertisements, etc.

It applies neuropsychology to marketing research, studying consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. Neuromarketing seeks to understand the rationale behind how customers make buying decisions and their responses to marketing stimuli so that we improve our marketing.


1. Understanding behaviour –

Neuromarketing tools can easily highlight blind spots that our primary market research can’t. It provides a better understanding of doctors’ behaviour as well as insights on why very often they don’t ‘walk their talk’ after the medical representative leaves his clinic. To put it more simply, neuromarketing can explain why doctors choose one brand over other.

It derives data not only from information provided by doctors (survey answers) but also from observations (of facial expressions, eye movements, shifts of the mouse cursor, etc.). Many doctors consciously control their answers to our questionnaires but such data mainly originates from the unconscious reactions of doctors and can tell us a lot more about their true desires and attitudes. Eg. Tracking eye movement to see which parts of a webpage grab the user’s attention first.

2. Eliminate the negative and highlight the positive –

In our industry, we release Teaser videos or brand videos very often. When a particular video is released by a company, neuromarketing establishes clear links between physiological reactions and particular moments of a video to capture what pleases the customer and what doesn’t. Even when doctors surf our brand websites, emotion measurement can provide us with data on doctor’s reactions to particular elements of the website or packaging design, etc.

This will help us improve those parts which provoke negative emotional feedback of doctors and highlight specific parts that our doctors are find valuable.

For eg. Using EEG imaging of the brain to determine one’s emotional response to a brand to determine which version of a brand generates the most brain activity.

3. Reliable data –

Analysis of reactions of doctors to our Promo materials can substantially facilitate the data on customers’ decision-making patterns. Doctors can modify their answers (consciously) but their brain can’t, because they can’t control their unconsciousness. Neuromarketing helps us to penetrate that domain of unconscious and get more reliable data on doctors’ motivation and true reactions to the product, design of website or packaging of our brand. Therefore we can rely on this data and modify our promo materials, which will give us better ROI. In case of new brand launch, neuromarketing can give us reliable data on perspectives to make a launch.

4. Fresh Perspectives –

Marketing managers or brand managers thrive on fresh thinking and new viewpoints. Neuromarketing provides these as it has a very different perspective from traditional research; it can measure the lower level effects of designs (such as LBLS, visual aids) and videos (such as web ads or product campaigns) in terms of doctor’s attention, emotion and memory responses. Neuromarketing research can focus down on far more granular recommendations. These can include insights into how to design an LBL to better capture attention, how to better edit a visual Aid or LBL to make key information more memorable (dosing), and the exact elements of design that will drive emotional engagement of a doctor in a product, service, ad or package.

5. Satisfy customer needs –

Instead of investing into unethical means to capture market share or mind share of our doctors, neuromarketing can help us identify the medical needs of the customer and satisfy those needs and thus add value to their clinical practice.


1. Expensive equipment and invasive methods

It’s true that neuromarketing equipment is expensive but the quality of data which we get using expensive equipment is excellent but not so much as it was 10 years ago. Still when we are in an industry that struggles for promo budget, it is a task for the brand manager to convince the C-suite on these budgets. Also I feel these invasive methods can have resistance from doctors to a level.

2.  Ethical and privacy concerns  

Some doctors might think that neuromarketing is getting inside their brains and learning their prescription behaviour. Well, neuromarketing does things that a good psychologist does. It ‘learns’ their behaviour patterns and makes smart outcomes. We should be in a better position to explain how it will benefit our doctors to satisfy their medical needs if we figure them our clearly.

2. Adaptability and Availability of specific skills   

In an industry that needed Covid to adapt to digital, neuromarketing is a far-fetched goal.  We really don’t know how many brand managers or marketing managers can make good use of these tools. Coming to the skill requirements, the more specific knowledge you have the higher quality of insights you can achieve. We have to train people for these specialized skills too which can also increase cost to the company. We have to help the machines to understand us!

4. Involvement of company friendly doctors-

Only those doctors who are company friendly can be involved in these types of tests. So I think they may have their own previous biases or they might think positively about our brands. This also can lead us to improper conclusions at times. Therefore to avoid this, we can outsource these tests to an agency to eliminate this bias.

5. Field may have different scenario-

Doctors can change their buying decision anytime they want. Therefore Salesforce from other companies or introduction of new guidelines or journals can change perspective of a doctor from what it was in the testing lab. Reactions observed in a lab test environment may be somewhat different than they would be in an actual buying environment. A proper and consistent follow up can help us know more about their behaviour post the tests.

Therefore I would say like any other tool, Neuromarketing also has its pros and cons, but if used properly, Industry can move far ahead than what it is today. I read various examples and theories on internet and comprehensively wrote this blog. Few are purely my opinions and it may differ from yours. Thanks to the Technology and Thanks to Vivek Hattangadi Sir for seeding this topic in my mind.

Grateful to all you readers.

Her Ray of Hope!

Whose Hope is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite happy though.
Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
I watch her laugh and I cry hello.

She gives her hope a shake,
And laughs until her belly aches.
The only other sound of heartbreak,
Realizes of distant waves and birds awake!

Her Hope is beautiful, strong and deep,
But she has promises to keep,
Still after cries and lots of sleep,
Sweet dreams come to her cheap.

Her hope will be the reality soon,
Either in the Sun or in the Moon,
For days she has manifested all she wanted,
In her dreams Joyful or Haunted!

She will stand up again after every fall,
She will stand up against the storm so tall,
It is all beyond the shine and Beams,
The courage in her to pursue her dreams!

She rises from her gentle bed,
With ambitions in her head,
Believe in self has someone said,
Tells herself – Darling you’re ready for the day ahead!

Shreya Gawade

Freedom Pray

One day at an Independent shop,
I met a man selling freedom,
For money he wanted to swap,
Reading his face I decided to Stop….

I sat besides him quietly
and started reciting,
For the meaning I derived,
Was far more than exciting…

There’s more to freedom than fighters alone
There’s more to freedom than curvy dome,
I’d love to have a freedom like;
Playing in puddles and soapy foam..

There’s more to freedom than love that sighs
There’s more to freedom than waving High Fives,
I’m warning you about a freedom like;
Generations drowning in drug and lies..

Hear me say, my freedom pray
I look above the skies and ray,
My freedom doesn’t look alike;
Some wasted clubbers out of their way.

There’s more to freedom than sad demise
There’s more to freedom than a child that cries,
My freedom pray is just this – that,
The bird you free from the cage – it flies..

I represent freedom, you see, you should!
I pen down my freedom to see you shook,
A freedom that makes you free from the world,
Is not my kind of story book!

So in search of my goal I departed,
But before the Independent shop could I leave,
The man came running full-hearted and said,
“I can help you I believe.”

“Fly, occupy and you shall find.
Live, test drive and you shall get,
You must now open your mind to the fullest,
And step into the freedom Market…..

Shreya Gawade

How will technology shape 2020?


Taking a look at the last decade, we have experienced phenomenal changes in the sphere of technology. We say that the fourth industrial revolution has begun and it has changed the way the world operates.

Digital world along with being competitive brings in large number of opportunities too. These don’t cater to one or two parts of the organization but have its hold over entire value chain. Every part can make use of technology and produce far enhanced results and services.

It is not only focusing its lens on one particular industry but technology change has impacted companies in different sectors, it’s just that the degree of impact varies from industry to industry. In 2020, technology and digitalisation will have relatively greater impact on IT, Media, Retail, high Tech, telecom and healthcare industry. To an extent, FMCG, Financial and professional services industry could also experience transformations.

AI becoming the centre of value based interaction

AI and machine learning will definitely bring in paradigm shift as it tops the technology trends but question here is of customer engagements. Progressing on the grounds of technology and picking up of digital interactions, businesses will be in a better position to customize interactions and therefore create personalized systems. Though AI and Machine Learning go hand in hand, they are the preferred technologies for most of the businesses in order to increase productivity and value based interactions. AI has a proved to be largely credible in the areas of data analysis and there is a shift of operations towards data driven decision making. The complexity of large data being generated through digital sensors and IOT, it becomes even more difficult to analyse the data. AI can efficiently bridge the gap between the life sciences to computer sciences by the means of various easy to handle tools and simplified softwares which could preserve the security of data and hence create central personalized digital transformation.

AI has transformed our day in the forms of natural language generation, speech recognition, AI optimized hardware, Machine learning platforms, automated decision management tools, biometrics, robotic process automation and Virtual agents. Understanding the key patterns will enable individuals and organizations to advance plan and handle the chances. We should believe in value based interactions in order to bring up radical innovations that bring a change.

Big data – Transforming data protection and storage

As we observe the world around us, there are many products that are getting embedded with sensors that churn huge volumes of data, this data is cleansed and formed into data sets, they are then analysed and relevant information is extracted. Big data can be described by volume, variety, velocity and veracity of the data. The immense amount of information and numbers generated through these interconnected objects will help in developing strategies by sinking its roots into Big data through integrated platforms.

Through these, businesses are now coming up with unique business models and value propositions. Along with cloud computing, IoT, and big data, information is getting dim and blurred. Analytical tools using AI will be required at a far more prominent degree than at present executed to understand the information, recognize issues, and provide recommendations based on the same. The more revolutionary part into all of this is that they are venturing into more of human intervention. The improvements in underlying technologies are advancing the timeline required for the widespread Internet of things (IOT) that opens up unimaginable perspectives. This will assist human decision making through deep analysis and data visualisation tools.

More people than ever are recognizing the importance of different business intelligence technologies and business intelligence tools, which can be defined as the ability to glean value from big data— from the tools and techniques to discover, gather, and analyze digital data. Business intelligence technologies such as data warehousing, dashboards, Ad Hoc reporting, data discovery and cloud computing provides enterprises with huge competitive advantages in this market place.

Big data has proven to be a boon to the health care industry through EHR, PHC, Clinical risk intervention and predictive analysis. With increasing adoption of wearable devices, the volumes into patient generated data, sensor data and imaging data has continued to rise. Along with this big data being the most unstructured and difficult to use, there are questions on the privacy, transparency and trust of patients and healthy individuals.

Data Analytics and Information processing –

Analytics are proving to be an inexorably significant role in the development and estimation of organizations over the world. Not exclusively can investigation let you know whether you’re fruitful in your market, however they can enable you to anticipate where the business sectors will move straightaway. Even before analysing the data, it becomes crucial to manage this data and help develop tools that assist in data mining. Analytical tools will enable the creation of personalized content for your customers and exponentially increase bottom lines for businesses. We have access to a large basket of raw data that is generated every millisecond, but without appropriate analytical tools in place, it would be challenging to find the catch in that data and use it for our purpose. The whole point of analytics is to examine the data, process it further and draw conclusions from those data sets in order to drive valuable insights from it as it may include customer behaviours, demographics and interests. Customers in today’s world have different needs, whims and fantacies and therefore analytics eliminates a lot of guesswork and provides a holistic view of the patterns of consumer behaviour. These patterns can be used to measure or track the historical progress of a company or product as well as predict the market of a product using the trend line.

Many big organizations play with their data to take informed decisions for profitable business. Analytics have assisted into creating content strategies, develop products, design advertisement campaigns and plan budgets. Modern data analytics has continuous updates on consumer buying behaviours as conditions or patterns tend to change. Leading data analytics softwares like looker, Periscope data, IBM Watson would be our boats to the shores of valuable insights and help businesses scale new revenue levels. The marketing of products through understanding consumers in a 360 degree pattern and fine-tuning the advertisement campaigns can produce optimal outcomes for the campaign and provide measurable parameters to assess the outcome of campaigns.

Investigation, while apparently basic superficially, really includes a lot of information preparing to transform enormous lumps of crude information into something noteworthy and valuable.

Relationship management helps you grow organically and therefore analytical tools could aid in developing tailored content for websites, engage and assist customers in navigation of websites and hence build strong relationships that holds on loyal customers.

As a company, you may spend less time, streamline all processes, bring in automation and along with analytics enhance performance of the organization.

Emerging Gadgets and technologies

While coping up with the newer technologies, 2020 will bring in enhanced customer experience by letting us touch areas of integrated digital and physical experience, mapping customer journey, managing customer lifecycle, digitalizing all front-end processes, including e-commerce and building through social media channels.

With the help of open innovation and intelligent products coming in more digitized products and components would pop up in the market making its own space. Also automation of the back-end processes and inclusion of analytics and AI, would enhance workforce productivity drastically and shape the organizational culture.

While Alexa and Siri are busy managing our lives and becoming a part of it, Smart wifi switches, Smart locators, home heartchecks, Educational Robots, Language translaters, AR/VR handsets are also involved in changing our days. There would be complete emerging themes arising as in Smart grids, smart homes, connected buildings and Smart playgrounds. The adoption of these themes would probably be a question but in the coming years, we could expect people to transform their lives digitally.

The mounting strain to change likewise offers the uncommon chance to modify strategies, structures, and procedures starting from the zero level. The organizations that take it will be prepared for future market challenges. At the point when organizations respond to digitization assertively and across various points in value chain, they are observed to exhibit higher performance and increase equity.

An Imperfect Coffee Date ♥

After many years, Let us talk Love folks…

These are some random thoughts on a coffee date..

As I Sip my coffee today morning, thought of writing down those thoughts that rushed my mind with the wind.

In perfect coffee date- I think

20191117_135513 (1)


People just come, order coffee, enjoy it sip down, appreciate the flavor, thank the waitress and move out.

An imperfect coffee date is-

Entering with broad smile and greeting each other and being happy about that moment and feeling lucky to have seen the person again and to fall deep.

Then go through the entire coffee menu to know every flavour, have the ifs and buts and then finally coming to a conclusion as to which one to order. Then staring at the Sunset and discussing each others day and things learnt in the course of time. Passing on each others positive vibes to create a fragrance filled environment.

Then slowly slipping into each others fingers, and moving talks to the deeper side of the conversation to discuss Sunsets, seashores, shells, sandsoil, the waves, the nature, the moonlight and how all of this shapes our future. Even when it’s over something small, the recognition is good to hear a thankyou. Making sure that neither of you feels taken for granted is a good way to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

Till then the coffee boy gets the 2 amazingly decorated mugs. Wherein I still need more decorated one than you. But you pass on the cream to me.

Then sitting into each others thoughts, talking of how amazing life was, Is and will be.

A coffee date is not something that has to be planned, but something that has to be unplanned and still should work smoothly. The thoughts you share, the ideas you share should have a greater impact on the person you’re talking to. The date should not only be with your boyfriend, but also your husband. It should be a part of your timetable to share your day. The coffee mugs must get used to the sunset and you. It’s too easy to get introspective as a couple — but it’s important that you and your partner don’t exist in a bubble. That feeling when you’re so focused on each yourself and each other that you can forget the world outside can be a dangerous one. Make sure you’re doing something to give back together. Find a cause you both care about to donate too or volunteer opportunities to take part in and make it a goal to help others. It’s good for you, good for others, and working together for a larger cause has a way of bringing people together. Let it be a perfect blend, melt into each other like perfect souls?

An imperfect one is always amazing than a perfect date!!!

And that a coffee is addicted to us more than we are to each other.♥

Sneha to the Sadan

So dear readers,

Happy Independence Day🇮🇳

This blog will navigate you through the NGO I volunteer for and the satisfaction that it brings along.

Sneha Sadan Team in when stands in the Tricolor🇮🇳The Cumulative Happiness effect builds and those positive vibes are spread across…The Saffrons building courage in their kids, The Whites helping kids to achieve inner Peace and being true,
The Greens aid in the growth of the Child….
The point of intersection of the lines of Ashoka Chakra is Our Sneha Sadan… Following its significance, we keep learning as an ongoing process and be the change to lead our kids from dark to light…

Now that its been a month, I find peace in the place..Every time when I look into the kid’s eyes, it reminds me the motive behind me being sitting there..

The fortunate that I am to educate these kids and contribute to the development of my Mother India as these gems will constitute the nation tomorrow.

The positivity I receive is incomparable..

How the thought of bringing a positive change in a life of an individual just brighten up your day or probably the entire week?… Who else waits for the Sunday to run to the NGO?

The time-out flippen tool that we use in our NGO, if used for the country to curb all the menaces that people face, the Country will really wake up to freedom.

The youth population of the nation defines the KRA of the nation, so a constructive approach and the commitment will relish our state of being free…

We aim at teaching our kids to shine in this highly competitive world…

Strong volunteers can make a strong nation.
Proud to be a part of U&I and enlighten the dark 😊

A promise made to myself-
*The Sneha to the Tricolor, forms our peaceful Sadan*

Happy Independence to all dear volunteers and affirmations for the decision to be change.😇

Build Your Bridge Stronger

Reach out to what you want people.. Let me start with something beautiful that I could think of-

Words are Inspiration,

Inspiration brings Motivation,

Motivation is Beginning,

Beginning is Hope,

Hope is Beauty,

Beauty is Perception,

Perception is Ladder,

Ladder to Goal,

Goal is Success………..

While you dream of anything, don’t expect things to come easy to you. Prepare yourself for the sweat. No secret shortcuts can drive you towards your goal, only a proper planning will. You will not get what you want by accident, you will have to strive hard for it. Count your dream, Count your time, Count your Efforts and make a road map to your destination..

Be prepared for your wish to be bestowed upon you. It is not something that you get and you are satisfied, it is an ongoing process. You have to continue your work even after some achievements. Be consistent in your efforts. That is the way you can relish your state of having achieved something.

I would highlight the importance of discipline here. Never break your own rules because you have dreamt of something while setting those. Self-discipline will make your navigation through your success map more simpler in many ways. Be committed to your rules and follow them in any situation. Make gold out of the opportunities that come to you.

Perseverance will carry you far for a long period of time, quick goals are not for life. Be patient and believe your work. You need to perform with complete dedication or do not move towards it at all. Never expect miracles to happen even before you work. Keeping your goals alive is in your pocket. Choose peace over fight sometimes. Determine your potential and make the most of it. Be clear enough and plain. These combination of values are very essential, they complement each other. Social media connections are easier but try to develop true connections with people. Communicate your thoughts, be clear in your vision and you will move ahead in life, ahead stronger.

Cultivate habits that aid you to handle your stress more effectively. Be patient and work so that things come in their own way. Efforts and Pain have no option. You need to count it on the cost of succeeding. While climbing the ladder, do not wait for the right time. Continue working and turn your passion into something that you want.

Be imperial and true for the most great things don’t come served ready. Never find substitutes for anything, you never know what you get while moving towards your goal. Sometimes your responsibilities stand in your way as a great hurdle but you know that you cannot escape your responsibility. Carry on with your work and let the thought of achieving something revolve in your brain, this will hold you for a better future🌏.

Surround yourself with positive people😊. They not only add up to your aims but also keep you motivated in tough times. Never consider yourself superior or inferior to somebody but push yourself to the reality of life. Stay a pragmatic person, think rationally and find solutions to your problems. Read good things. Read failure stories so that you know what is not to be done. Never train yourself for perfection as that is not desired. Express yourself better and explore new things. Be honest in every task that comes, there is no stronger map to success.

People have a positive approach and read this whenever you feel low. I did my best to bring a spark. Best wishes to all my readers and More power to you.💕😊

Animal Communication-Knowing them!!

Have you heard the frog croaking? Heard the dog barking? Animals have their own way and potential to communicate. It’s just that they don’t have a true language. They get our emotions as well as intentions. They have inborn quality of signalling their feelings which carry a meaning. The study of animal communication is called zoosemiotics. Function of their communication deals with food related calls, mating rituals, alarm calls or ownership.

The movie ‘Main Prem Ki Dewaani Hoon’ shows a parrot speaking. I wonder how life on earth would have been if animals could talk as humans. Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem. People who are open to telepathic connection are able to communicate with them. Animals have the potential to communicate in all sorts of non-verbal ways. They communicate visually, auditory, through touch and chemically. Many of my friends, relatives and neighbours own pets, so I very well know that animals can communicate. They understand basic commands that you give them. Sounds and gestures are their weapons to communicate.

A dog🐕 lover friend of mine predicts the message of his Browny by observing its wagging tail. Cats, dogs, and most animals have a magical way of being funny and cute without even trying.

Does anybody else too wakeup to the tweeting and chirping of birds🐤? I can’t tell what they’re saying, but know that they are talking something amongst themselves and even to the world around them. Imagine how would you deliver valentine day wishes ❤without a true language? If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty and gratitude; then animals are better off than a lot of humans. I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love. Female silkworms attract males by releasing a pheromone bombykol. Fireflies glow to attract mates and the male whales sing to communicate with female whales. We marked territories with walls but animals mark their territories with their scent and hence indicate other animals to stay away. We have red signals to indicate danger but the deer simply flick their tail to warn other deer following them of possible dangers ahead. I wonder how disciplined queues we would have if we were able to use pheromone trails like the ants or just sometimes I could slap eight people at a time like an octopus😊. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
When I write that I dance like the bees, I mean that on returning to their hives, the bees dance and tell the other bees that they’ve found nectar. We think the peacock fans its feathers only when it’s happy but it does so even to visually display a territorial warning. Daily we come across people whom we describe as attention seekers but the dolphin slaps its tail to get attention of others in water. Animals save other animals by some signals.

  • Birds loudly squawk at a distance of a predator.
  • The Vervet monkeys have thirty-six cries of warnings for different predators. Wolves howl to call the other wolves in pack.
  • Elephants feed and wait for crippled herd member showing empathy.
  • All great apes, elephants, dolphins recognize their image in the mirror, if they find anything unusual they try to rub it.
  • Cats tail high show a friendly greeting, straight down tail show aggressiveness, curve their tail to show defensiveness and raise bristly their tail to show fearfulness.
  • Some mammals flatten their ear to show suspicious nature, retract their lips and show teeth to display threat.
  • Death-watch beetle signal each other by producing clicking sound made by tapping their head against wood.
  • Red squirrels will make a series of loud rattles and screeches to warn off intruders.
  • Female primates often hold and frequently cuddle their young this helps in establishing a bond.

Animal communication is innate whereas human babies must hear and speak a language to learn it. Singing in birds in instinctual, they can produce songs (abnormal ones) even if not exposed to song in 7 weeks. Humans have more elaborate means of communication still we communicate less.

Joseph priestly says “Don’t quack like a duck, soar like an eagle.”

Animals talk to us; spread their ‘Pawsitive’ energy. They see beyond the sphere of their own personal world and embrace all living beings with their innocence. They are defenders of the weak, voices for the silenced and crusaders for oppressed.

All about Alphabets- The Origin and Evolution…

‘ The art of writing is the most miraculous of all things man has devised’ The first thing we studied as a child is Alphabets….Remember our Pre-primary teachers teaching us ‘A‘ for ‘Apple‘ and ‘B‘ for ‘Ball’.. Did you ever think where did this A,B,C come from? Yes, you are reading about the origin and evolution of Alphabets(breath of Language). I may not be able to cover the vast historical background of Alphabets, but it will be my true effort to justify you reading this blog. Who?Where?Why?When? Answering this; it seems to have been about 1000 BC but scholars are not quite sure about it. Alphabets have far older origins; we call it Latin Alphabet but it has a Greek name, even though it wasn’t invented by the Greeks. Let me take you back to 3500BC, Wikipedia says that Semitic form of writing developed in Egypt by Semitic people( living in or near Egypt). Cuneiform ( Greek word meaning Wedge-shaped) is the system of writing developed by the ancient Sumerians between 3500 and 3100 BC. While, Hieroglyphs involved tiny pictures or glyphs used to represent words. The Writing systems include:

  • Pictogram – Signs eg(Cuneiform, Hieroglyphic).
  • Syllabary– LinearB eg(Chinese, Japanese, Mayan).
  • Abjad- Consonant eg(Hebrew, Arabic).
  • Abugida- Consonant + Vowels eg(Devanagiri)
  • Alphabet- Consonant or Vowels eg(Greek, Latin, English)

Without Alphabets it would have been very hard to literate and have control on knowledge. It is from the Greeks that we get our name for the word “alphabet.” It comes form the first two letters of their alphabet, Alpha and Beta. The Latin AlphabetThe Etruscan peoples of Italy picked up the alphabet from the Greeks, in about the 7th Century BC, and from the Etruscans it ultimately came to the Romans. Defining Alphabets (CollinsDictionary), Alphabets is a set of letters or symbols in a fixed order used to represent the basic set of speech sounds of a language, especially the set of letters from A to Z. Inspite of undergoing many changes, Alphabets have become the most used in the world today. I would’nt have written this and you wouldn’t have read. It goes like… Semitic writing——-> Greek Alphabet ———> Roman Alphabet. The Phoenicians (Neighbours of Egypt) play a vital role in the development of Alphabet.. Prof. Bernie Cohen mentioned that Phoenicians were Cannanite sea-farers who migrated from the Persian Gulf to Byblos where they traded cedarwood for Egypt’s papyrus. By the 14th CBCE; they were trading across the entire Meditterean probably as far as England for Cornish tin. The Phoenician Alphabet represented single syllables that allowed easier writing of words in other languages. It is because we write on basis of sound. They changed some symbols and added some of their own. This did not include Vowels. They wrote from left to right, so you may find it difficult to recognize letters. Shown below are the Phoenician Alphabets: The Phoenician names differ from those of The Proto-Cannaite as, digg (fish) to dalet(door), gaml (throwing stick) to gimel(camel)….. and many more.. The Phoenician Alphabet consists of 22 letters … I am representing it as the order, Hebrew name_ Greek name_ Modern letter_derived from_ Origin. So here starts the series…

  • Aleph- Alpha-A-1st letter of Semitic Abjads meaning ‘The Ox’- Ox head.
  • Beth-Beta-B-‘The House’-Reed shelter
  • Gimel-Gamma-C-‘The Camel’- Image of boomerang like throwing stick.
  • Daleth-Delta-D- ‘The Door’- Fish.
  • He-Epsilon-E- ‘The Window- Man with raised arms calling out or praying.
  • Waw-Digamma-F(UVWY)- ‘The hook’- A mace.
  • Zayin-Zeta-G(Z)- ‘The Sword’.
  • Heth-Eta-H- ‘The Fence’- Deep throat consonant.
  • Teth-Theta-I- ‘The Spindle’.
  • Yodh-Lota-J- ‘The hand’- Entire arm.
  • Kaph-Kappa-K- ‘The hollow or palm of hand’.
  • Lamedh-Lambda-L- ‘The Goad’- Ox stick.
  • Mem-Mu-M-‘The water’.
  • Nun-Nu-N- ‘The fish’- Snake or Eel.
  • Samekh-Xi-X- ‘The fish’- Uncertain origin.
  • Ayin-Omicron-O- ‘The eye’- Other deep throat consonant.
  • Pe-Pi-P- ‘The Mouth’- Corner.
  • Sade-San-S- ‘The sound between S and Sh’- Plant or Fish hook.
  • Qoph-Qoppa-Q- ‘The Monkey’- A knot.
  • Resh-Rho-R- ‘The head’.
  • Shin-Sigma-Sh-‘The Tooth’.
  • Taw-Tau-T-‘The Mark’.

Imagine life without Alphabets😊. I don’t say No Alphabets-No Communication but it would have been phonic…..Right? Yes I agree expressions speak a lot but Love letters❤ wouldn’t have been so interesting… So now coming to the end I would like to express myself with the aid of these Alphabets and the beautiful combination they form. T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U😊 I–LOVE–YOU– ALL❤ References:

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